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Let's clarify all you ever wanted to know about data protection, incorporation,
taxes, contracts, IP, and regulations. Bite-sized pieces, no fluff.
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Confused by legal issues?

As an entrepreneur in this day and age you most likely have customers all around the world. While this is an incredible opportunity, it also means that it's easier than ever to violate regulations and leave money on the table due to an inefficient business structure. Even if you're able to get away with ignoring these issues for a while, there's always the risk of unpleasant surprises further down the road. In this newsletter, you will learn all the fundamentals that you need to avoid costly mistakes.

Lawyers are expensive?

Yes, their advice costs money. But, you may not need their advice for now. If you know just the legal basics around your business or project, you'll avoid mistakes down the road and you'll know when to reach out to a lawyer.

What you'll learn?

When does it make sense to incorporate?
To incorporate at home or abroad?
Does GDPR apply to your business?
What kind of taxes you should know about?
Do you have to pay VAT and how?
What common legal mistakes you should know about?
Who owns the code you write - you or the employer?
And a whole lot more.


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Legal is not sexy but is essential for the success of any business.

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